Alcohol Flush ReactionAn alcohol flush reaction can be really embarrassing, and actually many people suffer from it. Sweating, facial redness, those are symptoms of what is also called the Asian Glow or Asian Flush. Well, though this condition seems to occur more in Asian people, alcohol flush reaction in Caucasians also exists and symptoms are anyway the same. Treatments have appeared on the market, and it means a lot.

Whatever your ethnicity is, getting rid of a flushed face is possible, and you may now be able to enjoy a beer. Without experiencing alcohol flushing anymore, or at least significantly reduce it.

I used to have a terrible red face everytime I drank. That limited my fun time with my friends when we hung out […] I tried it and it worked for me.
Have tried many before, but this one works the best. Very shocked that it actually worked-as I have tried others and failed – no redness at all.
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 Note: Drinking alcohol excessively is dangerous for your health. There is no cure for an alcohol facial flushing, nor the solution discussed is designed to prevent cancer and other diseases, but it helps to prevent the asian blush symptom. 

So “alcohol tan”, “asian blush/glow”, or “flushing” are all different terms to say it, but what exactly happens? A compound called acetaldehyde (30 times as toxic as alcohol and causing facial flushing) builds up due to alcohol metabolism. So, when you drink too much of alcohol, your face turns red. But for some people, even just one drink leads to this condition. (Click Here for a much better explaination of what happens).

It’s important to control those symptoms by promoting a healthier alcohol metabolism and reduce body damage.
When you get a red flushed skin, there is an inflammation, meaning a higher body temperature and faster heart-rate (and some more other not so cool physical symptoms). This situation is of course very uncomfortable. But the really bad news is people suffering from alcohol flushing are at a higher risk of cancer, liver disease as well as Alzheimer’s disease.

Preventing Alcohol Flush Reaction

NoGlo is the supplement that does just that, even claiming to be the best of its kind.

It helps your body break down acetaldehyde (the toxic compound) better. This improves your alcohol metabolism so you’re healthier and redness is reduced. Feeling better the next day (reduced hangover) and reducing body damage are also major benefits of using Noglo.

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I actually liked their disclaimer label on their site:


The ingredients list and why they are included in the formula is also disclosed, which is another good point for them. At $30 for a 30 day supply it’s actually quite a good deal.

While some people are talking about Pepcid AC or other antacids before drinking to reduce the alcohol flush reaction, this is actually not a healthy option compared to NoGlo. Here’s the answer from NogLo: “Antacids are not recommended or created for the purpose of reducing Asian flush reaction, and damage to the stomach can occur from taking antacids while consuming alcohol. This is not recommended or healthy. Antacids do not help metabolize alcohol. In addition, antacids only mask the symptoms of Asian flush reaction, and do not prevent the underlying damage that is going on inside the body.

The recommended dosage is two capsules daily, and you can also get an extra dosage 20 minutes before you drink. I recommend you try it if you easily get the “asian glow”. Even if you don’t experience this flushed face reaction, NoGlo still promotes a healthier alcohol metabolism so at least, have a look.

In case you’re still unsure about getting this, then also note that NoGlo is backed by an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with it, send them back the bottle for a full product refund.

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