Energy Shots

People take Aeroshots whenever they need an energy boost.

Sometimes, you just need more energy. Need to workout, study and focus, get your day started or move on after lunch, a boost of energy certainly doesn’t help. While drinking coffee or an energy drink may help, it also comes with calories. And those are not always necessary. That’s where Aeroshots steps in.

Aeroshots are a fun and innovative way to get your energy anytime you need.

Aeroshots are the energy shots, without calories. Instead of your favorite energy drink that only contains caffeine and tons of sugar, why not just take the caffeine and vitamins, and drop the calories? That’s the idea of Harvard professor David Edwards, the inventor. He’s also a writer, educator and founder of the ArtScience Labs creativity movement.

One aeroshot contains 100mg of caffeine and B vitamins, and can be used 4 to 6 times before it’s empty (about 20-25mg of caffeine per shot).

Aeroshots are a fun and innovative way to get your energy anytime you need. It starts working right away, it’s portable, and only costs $2.99 as an individual pack (savings for 12-pack and 36-packs). Check out their packs. They now have various flavors to choose from:


Aeroshot Lime (Individual)

  • Lime,
  • Green Aple,
  • Raspberry

… and now a Chocolate collection (no added caffeine, still without calories):

  • Chocolate
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Cherry Chocolate

How to use Aeroshot

To open, pull the cap. The other end goes in your mouth, now simply draw the powder onro your tongue and swallow. Close by pushing the cap with your thumb. Easy. You can either get the product all at once, or whenever needed (4 to 6 draws).

Hey you can still get coffee, though an Aeroshot is more portable and keeps your teeth clean. Now The creators didn’t make Aeroshots to force you to giveup on your favorite energy drink. But I genuinely think the idea is great, and could (SHOULD) be considered more than an alternative.

Indeed, there’s of course the “No Calories” stuff. They wanted something healthy, with no mystery ingredients. But  they also have studied the ways to get nutrients delivered faster in the body. You can read more about it on the Aeroshot website.

Aeroshot is the energy of the future. Try now and Get some fast acting caffeine and vitamins shot!

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