Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight LossGreen coffee bean extract for weight loss has taken the industry by storm after it was featured in the news and TV shows. The Dr OZ show is certainly responsible for thousands of sales of green coffee bean extract after he revealed its proven and powerful weight loss effects. Supplements companies jumped on the opportunity and you saw new products popping everywhere online, but that’s not necessary a good thing.

You see, green coffee bean extract (GCBE) is indeed powerful and effective to help you lose weight naturally and is a great antioxidant. Studies have proven it. It seems it even helps to control blood sugar levels. Anyway, you certainly have come accross all the great things about it. But not all GCBE pills are created equal.

… it seems almost all the 5 stars reviews are FAKE…
A friend of mine pointed me to Amazon, which is a great solution to most purchases online. Not just Amazon, but other merchants can seel on the website. Before making an order you want to check the reviews, that’s what I do. So I checked for the green coffee bean extract bottle with the most reviews, and the best rated. Well, I have to say I’m disappointed (don’t worry I’m bringing you the real deal HERE).

My simple question was: does green coffee bean extract work for weight loss?
The product I found has a super high rating score, but it seems almost all the 5 stars reviews are FAKE. That’s also what almost all the 1 star reviews are saying. Here’s a portion of a review by N.Evans that explains it better than me (click the “+” to reveal):

GCBE Review from Amazon
Now be your own judge. The thing is that the product may actually be good, but the seller had people to post fake reviews about it. Amazon is great to find different offers at the best price, and GCBE can be as low as $25 for a 30 days supply, though it doesn’t mean it’s going to be effective.

How to choose Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green Coffee Bean Extract Free Bottles So the recommended daily dosage is 800mg. But that’s not all. Though most supplements will be made from 100% pure green coffee beans (which is good), they forget a key component. They should contain at least 45% clorogenic acid from Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA) or Svetol.  The sad news is that a lot of products don’t contain this much. That means… not very effective.

So be sure to check those criterias if you’re looking to buy green coffee bean extract. I made a litle research for you and found Green Coffee Bean Max. It is 800mg per serving, contains 50% clorogenic acid from GCA and they offer free bottles on some of their packages.

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